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Wooden Hangers


Hangers.com offers one of the largest selections of high-quality wooden hangers on the Internet. Our wooden clothes hangers are available in a number of different finishes, sizes and with a variety of features or functions.


Our hangers are made from sturdy and attractive hardwoods and come in flat, semi-curved, and curved styles so that your tops come off the hanger ready to fit the curve of your shoulders. We sell hangers for jackets, shirts, skirts, pants, suits, and more.


Our wooden clothes hangers selection includes a number of finishes such as:


Black or white lacquer


Each of these finishes comes with a variety of hardware such as nickel or chrome so that you can match the hanger to your preference of style.


Hanger Supply

We are experienced in supplying the needs of not only the everyday home closet, but we also have experience with supplying hangers for:


Boutiques and tailor shops
Major multi-million dollar brands


And since we offer our items in a variety of purchase quantities, you can buy just the right amount tailored to the size of the job you are looking to fulfill. And to fortify the confidence we have in the quality of our product; we have a 30 day return policy.