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Plastic Hangers



Hangers.com has one of the best selections of plastic hangers online. Colors include white, black, and clear. Our plastic hangers are less about form and all about function, and they come with different features so you can find what best suits the need for your garments. There are hangers with:


pant bars
and locking bars.


We also have heavy duty plastic hangers for heavy garments.


So whether you have pants, a suit, skirts, or even a bikini, you should be able to find a hanger that specifically caters to your garment. We also offer a range of sizes. Need a hanger for your baby’s clothes? The smallest of our children’s hangers should work. We have kids and junior sizes, as well as petit and oversized sizes within our selection of adult hangers.


Our products are used in major retail and designer stores, bought for wholesale, and of course by the everyday consumer. We have a long history of assisting many different types of customers.


Our plastic hangers can be purchased in several different amounts so you can get just the right amount you need. Although we are very confident in the quality of our product, if for some reason you are not satisfied you may return them within 30 days of purchase. So feel at ease when you purchase our hangers.