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When it comes to luxury hangers, wood is king. Wooden hangers are everywhere, but not all wooden hangers are created equal. Our richly crafted wood hangers are made from authentic hardwood and serve as the perfect complement for displays in stores and closets. Quality hangers of different sizes, colors and shapes. The craftsmanship of our hangers is what defines our products. The harder the wood the better it holds it’s shape and the more durable it is. Our wood hangers won’t warp, and the hardware is much less likely to fail because of the strength of the wood we use. The wood grain is another factor that separates wood from other materials. Cheap woods have bland wood grains. The hardwoods we have selected for our wooden hangers yield wood grain textures more commonly associated with expensive furniture, not in brown wooden hangers! Lastly the colors available for wood are elegant. We offer several different stains for our wooden hangers. Best of all we offer wholesale pricing and discounts when you order our wood clothes hangers in bulk.